Explore Hyundai's N concepts for electric and hydrogen cars

Explore Hyundai's N concepts for electric and hydrogen cars

The Ioniq range of electric cars from Hyundai was only recently introduced, but the attention-grabbing style quickly captured the attention of the public. The company has now introduced two new concept cars for "N-Day" that further develop that design theme under the Ioniq N performance brand ("N" for "Never Just Drive").

According to Hyundai, the RN22e is an electric sports car with the letters RN meaning for "rolling lab" and N concept. It clearly uses the Ioniq 6's body, and it also uses the Ioniq series' standard E-GMP battery and motor platform. As a performance concept, though, it takes advantage of the highest specification possible, much like the Kia EV6 GT, which is powered by two motors that provide a combined 577 horsepower and 546 pound-feet of torque and a 77.4 kWh battery. Additionally, it has racing upgrades like 15.75-inch rotors and four-piston brake calipers.

The term "rolling lab" denotes the existence of some experimental activities. Like torque steering in an all-wheel-drive vehicle, Hyundai is looking into ways to use regenerative braking to alter how the car handles. Hyundai is using a system called N Sound+ to inject artificial noises and even vibrations via the chassis because one criticism of EVs is that they lack the potent sounds and feel of ICE vehicles.

In comparison, the electric/hydrogen Hyundai N Vision 74 concept could hardly be more different. As the title suggests, it is based on Giorgetto Giugiario's 1974 Hyundai Pony Coupe concept car. Furthermore, it includes comparable pixelated lights and other features from the more modern Pony 45 idea.

The N Vision 74 has an even higher spec sheet, as its huge wing and aggressive appearance would indicate. 670 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque are produced by two rear electric motors, which also support torque vectoring. It carries a 62.4 kWh battery pack, an 85 kWh fuel-cell stack, and a 4.2 kg (10 pound) hydrogen fuel tank. According to Hyundai, this would provide a 373-mile total range.

The N Vision 74 appears to be more of a concept car and styling test vehicle than anything Hyundai will ever manufacture. However, for those who enjoy the egg-like design, the RN22e definitely appears to be a workable performance variant of the Ioniq 6. Aside from concept cars, Hyundai is planning to launch the Ioniq 5 N, which was spotted earlier this year in camouflage, as its first high-performance N-brand production car next year.

Source: Engadget, CNET and Move Electric