Windows 11, Android, macOS, and iOS now support the Microsoft Defender app

Windows 11, Android, macOS, and iOS now support the Microsoft Defender app

Microsoft is finally making its new cross-platform Microsoft Defender program available for Windows 11, 10, Android, macOS, and iOS after many months of testing.

Despite the fact that the company currently calls to its anti-malware protection as "Defender," the new application isn't designed to replace Windows' built-in antivirus. Instead, you may control your online security across all of your Microsoft-connected devices with the help of the Microsoft Defender app.

The app provides real-time protection from hackers and dangerous code, notifications, security advise, and suggested actions. The feature set will, however, vary based on the supported platforms. For example, if the device (iOS or Windows) already has malware protection, this solution won't provide additional protection.

You will still get web phishing in addition to the features provided through the dashboard in the case that the app would be unable to offer malware protection.

The solution will provide web phishing protection in additional to the antivirus protection for Android devices provided by the Microsoft Defender app.

If you are using another antivirus on Windows (such as Norton, Bitdefender, McAfee, etc.), you can see how it is defending your devices on the new Defender dashboard.

As it only serves as a central dashboard for trying to keep track of the security of all your devices, the app isn't something everyone needs. This may be one of the reasons motivating Microsoft to give that away as a bonus to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family members. The app is available through the App Store for iOS, the Google Play Store for Android, and the Microsoft Store for Windows 11 and 10. This is the direct URL for macOS users.

Source: Pureinfotech