Microsoft Teams was unavailable for users worldwide

Microsoft Teams was unavailable for users worldwide

Teams and Office 365 were two of the affected Microsoft services, the company announced.

Europe and Asia are being impacted by a Microsoft Teams outage, according to a tweet from a Microsoft account.

"We have verified that this problem affects users everywhere. In order to identify the problem's underlying cause, we are examining recent changes and monitoring telemetry.

On social media, people complained about issues with the desktop application for the video conferencing tool, which works on Windows 10 and MacOS.

Users began reporting login and server problems at around 10:30am GMT, according to DownDetector.

Other Microsoft services, such as its cloud computing platform Azure or gaming service Xbox Live, did not appear to be affected by the problem.

A Microsoft spokesperson said, "We have resolved an issue that affected access to Microsoft Teams for some customers and services are now running normally." They did not provide any detail about what the issue was.

On April 2, the Azure Portal and Azure services faced problems that caused all of the software giant's products to go down, including its gaming platforms, Skype, and OneDrive.

However, because the Microsoft Exchange business accounts were not yet transferred to Azure, they were untouched.

Source: Yahoo!