Xbox Series S Gets a New Console Update, Increasing Power

Xbox Series S Gets a New Console Update, Increasing Power

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Series S will receive a minor increase in power as parts of its June developer update for Windows and Xbox. Teams will now have access to an additional memory thanks to a recent version to the Xbox Series S developer tools. This might enhance the speed of both current and upcoming games on the platform.

Microsoft says that "hundreds of additional megabytes of memory" are now accessible on the system, which should aid developers in closing the speed gap with Xbox Series X, if only somewhat. Xbox Series S's lower memory levels have often been highlighted as the system's bottleneck.

Enhanced "graphics performance" should be possible as a result of these memory adjustments. The Xbox Series S just became a little more powerful in the hands of game developers, even though we're not entirely certain what that means in reality.

It is expected that Xbox Series S might sometimes struggle to keep up with Xbox Series X and PS5, offering lower frame rate options in some games. With post-launch fixes, developers have however often closed the gap to the more expensive devices, indicating that with a little more optimization, the Series S finds its place.

Source: Pure Xbox and The Verge