Adobe decides to make Photoshop accessible totally free

Adobe decides to make Photoshop accessible totally free

In an effort to attract more users to the software, Adobe has begun testing a free-to-use version of Photoshop on the web and plans to make available to everyone.

In Canada, where users can access Photoshop online with a free Adobe account, the business is now testing the free version. Although Adobe names the service "Freemium" it eventually wants to gate off some services so that they are only available to users who pay a fee. To perform out just what Adobe deems to be Photoshop's basic functions, there will be sufficient free tools available.

As according Maria Yap, VP of digital imaging at Adobe, "we want to make [Photoshop] more accessible and easier for more people to check it out and experience the product."

Image: TheVerge

In October, Adobe first released Photoshop available on the web, providing a simplified version of the software that could be used to handle simple modifications. Although layers and basic editing tools were added, the service fell far short of providing the entire range of features seen in the app. Instead, Adobe presented it as primarily a tool for collaboration, enabling an artist to share an image with others and have them interfere, add some annotations, make a few minor adjustments, and then release it.

Since then, Adobe has made a few changes to the service and begun to expand its application outside collaboration situations. Before, a document had to be shared from the software package to the web, but now any Photoshop subscriber may sign in and create a new document directly from the web.

Adobe wants to increase the app's availability and possibly attract users who will later wish to pay for the full version using the web version of Photoshop. With a number of its mobile applications, including Fresco and Express, the corporation has adopted a similar strategy. Since Chromebooks, which are frequently used in schools, now can access one of the company's most powerful tools, the web version of Photoshop is a particularly significant offering.

Photoshop should accommodate people where they are right now, says Yap. "You don't need a powerful computer to use Photoshop,"

When the freemium version would be given access more widely was not specified by Adobe. The business is still adding new tools to Photoshop for Web, such as the ability to convert Smart Objects and refine edge, curves, doge, and burn tools. For reviewing and commenting on photographs, the web version will now also support mobile devices.

A new Neural Filter powered by AI that will be accessible in Photoshop itself was previewed by Adobe today. The new "photo repair" filter can automatically remove scratches and partially restore the color of a faded, yellowed photo. The two filters can quickly revitalize an old photograph when used in conjunction with Adobe's existing colorize filter for restoring color to black-and-white images, even if the finished version looks grainy.

Source: The Verge