Gaming without a console is possible with the Xbox TV app

Gaming without a console is possible with the Xbox TV app

Microsoft plans to release its Xbox TV app on June 30 with the ability to play games devoid of a gaming console. The company is working with Samsung to bring gaming to smart TVs in 2022, and support for other manufacturers will follow.

The company says that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers will be able to use the xCloud platform without a console or gaming PC to play and over a hundred games on the same day the application is made available.

Microsoft is even making Fortnite free to stream on the Xbox TV app if you don't have an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Like other video streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, the technology has to offer identically. On June 30, 27 countries will allow the installation of the Xbox TV app on compatible Samsung 2022 TVs. To choose game and begin to play through the Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) service, you would only need to log in with your Microsoft account.

Through Bluetooth connectivity, the solution will also work with a huge assortment of controllers, including Sony's DualSense, the Xbox Wireless Controller, the Xbox Adaptive Controller, the Elite Series 2 Controller, and the Xbox Wireless Controller.

The only limitation is that 1080p at 60 fps rather than 4K resolution streaming will be available for game streaming.

Microsoft wishes to make the Xbox TV app is available from other manufacturers, but it's not clear when that will happen. Additionally, the company is developing an Xbox streaming dongle that will allow it to send its Xbox Cloud Gaming service to practically any TV or monitor in place of a console.

Source: Pureinfortech