Moon Knight Star Talks About Important Scene Deleted From Finale Season

Moon Knight Star Talks About Important Scene Deleted From Finale Season

There are many elements of filming a movie or TV show that are usually overlooked because you "don't realize it," one being the fact that you commonly capture "too much content" and must choose what to cut to make the movie shorter (sometimes significantly) or at the very least, more concise. TV shows also commonly do this to fulfill their "runtimes," and this is truly the case even for Disney+ series like Moon Knight.

Oscar Isaac, the series's star, claims that the season finale could have used a scene that would have given a final battle more context and depth:

Isaac said, "And in some ways, we tried to push it more. This is also the reasons I came up with the "Later's gators" thing because she says, "After a while, crocodile," in the fantastic scene at the end of [Episode] 6 that just didn't fit in the rhythm of it. For me, that was one scene that would have tied mother and Ammit in a little closer. She said "Crocodile," that to me is like. She was the crocodile goddess who was expressing the emotion, "I wish I could pre-judge you because you would never have... this would never have happened."

So, even if the audience doesn't understand it literally, it was important to me that there be some kind of sub-textual emotional link to everything that is happening.

You have to wonder what else some of the other deleted scenes would have "revealed" given what this one scene could have "revealed." Unless they mention them somewhere, we'll likely never know out.

We don't know if Moon Knight as a whole will receive an additional season, but if they do, hopefully they'll be able to include more scenes than they had to take off.

Source: Gold Derby and Gameranx