Microsoft is developing an Android version of Outlook Lite

Microsoft is developing an Android version of Outlook Lite

As according reports, Microsoft is developing a simplified version of its Outlook program for Android. According to the company's roadmap, the application, known as "Outlook Lite," will provide many of the same benefits as the original Outlook app in a smaller app size with faster performance for low-end devices.

On all supported markets, the app is expected to go online in July. The Lite version, in contrary to the full version, won't support school or work accounts and will only support Outlook, Hotmail, Live, and MSN accounts.

Outlook Lite is not entirely brand-new. ZDNet reports that the company currently offers a light-weight version of Outlook for mobile devices in some nations, suggesting that Microsoft will be introducing it to additional areas.

The application, which performs faster than the default Outlook app for Android, was made accessible for download and installation on the Dr. Windows website in order to confirm its function and design on reduced smartphones.

The application still has the same features even though the email client will only be functional with the company's email services.

Source: Pureinfotech