Captain America trailer released by Marvel's Midnight Suns

Captain America trailer released by Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns has been in development for a while and will take a very innovative idea to both the Marvel and the tactics brands. Strangely, in terms of the trailers that have been published, the game has put greater emphasis on the story and visuals than on the gameplay itself. However, perhaps things are finally starting to change.

Since Captain America, one of the playable heroes in the videogame, is featured in the latest trailer for Marvel's Midnight Suns released by 2K. Steve Rogers' iconic shield is covered in mysterious runes that will give him some "magical flare," including the power to allegedly shoot fire out of it, as we can see in the character video! Furthermore, he will do some of his more traditional moves, like as flinging his shield at opponents and seeing it deflect off of them.

The following is Captain America's in-game character description in its totality:

A scrawny Army reject at the outset of World War II, Steve Rogers became a powerful Super Hero and decorated veteran known as Captain America by the war’s end. Denied entrance into the armed forces due to his health, Steve realized his only hope of fighting for liberty and justice was to volunteer for a risky military science experiment. He was injected with Super-Soldier Serum and physically transformed into a powerful enemy of evil with legendary strength of body and spirit.

An accident near the end of the war left Captain America frozen in suspended animation until the modern day, making him at first a fish-out-of-water in much the same way as the newly-resurrected Hunter…with the additional complication of having more experience fighting Nazis than supernatural demon-kin. However, Cap’s eagerness to serve the good of humankind meant he didn’t hesitate to answer the call of the Midnight Suns.

Source: Gameranx