Razer's Stream Controller competes with Elgato's Stream Deck

Razer's Stream Controller competes with Elgato's Stream Deck

To manage livestreams and create art, many creators use a control pad like Elgato's Stream Deck. With its own control pad, the Stream Controller, Razer is hoping to secure marketshare.

All-In-One Controller for Streaming and Content Creation - Razer Stream Controller
Designed for streamers or content creators, the Razer Stream Controller is an all-in-one controller to effortlessly manage your stream and content creation with shortcuts.

The product, which seems to be a Loupedeck Live rebadged with Razer's marketing might behind it, is the result of the company's collaboration with Loupedeck. Eight physical buttons, six analog dials, and 12 haptic switchblade keys make up the Stream Controller, all of which may be modified using Loupedeck's software on Windows or macOS. You can open apps, alter settings (such layouts and scenes) quickly, and even manage smart home devices with the controls.

The dials makes the Stream Controller distinctive among comparable devices. You might use it as an audio mixer to balance out your microphone, gaming, and background music since they allow for exact adjustment of several settings, such as lighting and volume. On the market, you can find plugins, profiles, and icon packs as well as create your own actions and macros.

You may map each of the eight physical buttons to a different control layout (known to as a workspace) or swipe back and forth between them. Since the Stream Controller lets people to switch to a different workspace with entirely different features, digital artists who stream on Twitch for pure entertainment may use it for both work and play. Alternatively, you might use the Stream Controller to edit YouTube or TikTok videos at night while also controlling music playback during the day.

The extra utility of the dials and other features, however, come at a premium price. The $150 Stream Deck is less expensive than the $270 Stream Controller. This fall, Razer will begin shipping the device.

Source: Engadget and Razer