Users can have up to five profiles for the same account in a Facebook

Users can have up to five profiles for the same account in a Facebook

Facebook has historically banned users from accessing more than one account or identity on the service, but it is now testing allowing users to create up to five profiles on the network. Bloomberg reported about the upcoming test, adding that it is Facebook's newest way to combat declining engagement, particularly among younger users.

The test was confirmed by a Meta spokesperson. The spokesperson explained, "We're testing a method for people to have more than one profile tied to a single Facebook account. This will allow people personalize their experience based on interests and relationships. "Anyone using Facebook must keep up with our rules."

It's unclear if Facebook intends to eventually make it more widely accessible or how big the initial test will be. If so, it might have a major impact on how people engage on social networks. For one, it would be easier for users to maintain multiple online personalities or develop separate pages catered to various friend groups or interests. Additionally, it is a major change from Facebook's previous requirement of "real names."

Facebook has maintained strong — and sometimes controversial — policies concerning users' identities, regularly suspending anyone it finds using multiple accounts. This contrasts with Instagram, which enables users to create multiple accounts and doesn't require them to use their true names. In some instances, the site will even request that users submit a copy of an official ID in order to verify the name listed on their profile.

Users with access to multiple profiles, though, will just need to use their real name on their primary profile going forward. As long as they don't break other regulations, such those banning impersonation, additional profiles will be allowed to use nicknames or other identities.

How important it is for Facebook to turn around recent engagement declines can be shown by the reality that the company is now changing how it manages users' names and identities. In an effort to more compete effectively with TikTok and other competitors, Mark Zuckerberg had stated that the site would reposition itself to be more appealing to younger users. Additionally, the app will receive a significant redesign that will place more of a focus on suggestions than on updates from friends.

Source: Engadget